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Surcharge notice

As of April 2019, in an effort to support living wage increase mandates, a 4% surcharge will be added to all checks. This allows us to staff this beautiful restaurant luxuriously, so that we do not sacrifice our standards of excellence in food and service. This was a difficult but necessary decision to be made, and we sincerely hope you’ll understand our position after taking a moment to read the explanation provided.

Why don’t you just raise menu prices?

Raising menu prices is not a clear indication of where this money might go. We want to be transparent about what this 4% does, and that is to our staff to pay their hourly wage and offer affordable health coverage. Research also shows that raising menu prices affects guests’ ordering choices, by compelling them to forego wine or dessert. To enjoy the full experience at Herb & Wood, you must try the blueberry souffle.

Are other restaurants doing this?

Yes indeed, many restaurants in town have been benefiting from this for some time now. In order to maintain our competitive edge, to continue to provide a magical and memorable experience, we must provide competitive wages for our kitchen staff. We feel as though at this time what’s good for the goose is good for Herb & Wood.

What is this, Europe?

Au contraire, mon amie. Seriously though, times are changing, and we prefer to be on the cutting edge. More and more, servers, bartenders, and chefs are considered lifelong professions, and we believe that is a long overdue sentiment. Our staff pursues education, travels the world, and supports loved ones on the income they receive with us. We hope to provide stability and a future for all of them, for as long as they are happy here.

It’s $4.00 added on to a $100 check. Why are you devoting an entire webpage to this?

Because it’s new and different, and we know change scares some people. We hope you truly appreciate our transparency, our desire to do the right thing, and our steadfast commitment to provide the absolute best talent and service. If we wanted to continue to make money, we could buy frozen fish, replace our servers with digital devices and our aioli with ketchup, but the enchantment of this place would also be lost. When you drop a napkin, someone should pick it up and replace with a fresh linen toot-suite. When you get up to look for the restroom, a half dozen smiling faces should politely gesture towards the back. When you push a plate to the side, it should immediately be removed. Our driving goal is to provide a net gain opportunity for our staff and our guests. We are striving to preserve the quality of experience you’ve come to expect of us, and do right by our hardworking and dedicated employees.